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Pressure washing

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Pressure Washing

Grime is no match for our deep and gentle concrete cleaning

Concrete driveways, patios, garage aprons, sidewalks have a multitude of tiny pores. Dirt, mildew and lichen, to name a few, love to find refuge and take up housekeeping in these pores. Once bright surfaces begin to blacken and grow dingy. That’s when our signature whisper wash, 3-step process saves the day. First we apply detergent blend which kills the the mildew, lichen and other microorganisms clinging to your concrete and breaks the bond of the dirt. Secondly we use 600 – 1000 psi (several times less pressure than traditional pressure washing) spinning surface cleaner to gently lift the dirt from the pores in the concrete. Finally we rinse the surface, inspect the slab to ensure a complete cleaning and topically treat any small areas that are especially tough. Clean concretes surfaces do a lot to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

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Deck & Fence Cleaning

There are a vast array of woods and sealers being used in the outdoor wood marketplace. Each wood type and sealer combo requires its own unique treatment to be properly cleaned. Cleantec does provide specified wood cleaning, but does not provide wood stripping or sealing services at this time.

Low Pressure Brick Cleaning

We can rescue your brick from the algae, moss, and mildew that is making it look awful! Safe brick cleaning requires attentiveness to detail and carefulness. We utilize a specific detergent blend with very low pressure process (in most cases less than 150 psi), to wash your brick back to its natural beauty.

-Margie S., Richmond, IN

" We didn't know our home could look new again. Thank you so much! "

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