Services We Offer:
Roof cleaning

ROOF cleaning

Gutter services

GUTTER services

House washing

HOUSE washing

Concrete washing

CONCRETE washing

Window cleaning

WINDOW cleaning

Our Primary Service Area

From Dayton, OH to Richmond, IN and surrounding regions. Eaton, OH; Greenville, OH; Arcanum, OH; Union City, IN Centerville, IN; Connersville, IN; Brookville, OH; Vandalia, OH; Clayton/Englewood, OH; Piqua, OH, Troy, OH; Middletown, OH; Oxford, OH; Hamilton, OH;

Our Mission

Liberating home owners and property managers from the front lines of the persistent war against dirt, grime & algae. Providing professional, friendly, gentle and effective exterior and window cleaning services for your peace of mind. That’s our passion, that’s our commitment.

"Our house looks amazing! Just like when we built it twenty years ago."

-Margie S., Richmond, IN

Our Cleaning Technique

Warning: high pressure, lack of knowledge and harsh off-the-shelf chemicals can be tools of destruction in the wrong hands. That’s why we tend to the softer side of cleaning, combining professional equipment, recent technologies, professional grade detergents and a working knowledge of the professional washing industry to give your property the utmost care. From our gentle softwash house and roof cleaning to our whisper wash concrete and masonry cleaning to state-of-the-art, pure-water window cleaning, we are in the business of innovatively and efficiently delivering our customers a professional, safe and deep clean.

Sparkling curb appeal for your property or home – that’s our commitment.



Life and time can bring about changes, some less than ideal. What happened with this homeowner was; years of mold and stains had built up until Cleantec arrived and gave this part of the neighborhood a serious facelift. Got the dingy driveway blues? Brighten up with a concrete cleaning appointment!